Imagine the Possibilities of a Better Home
Home Improvement Loan

Live in the comfort of your home as you deserve better. No need to delay or suffer from problems at home. A broken furnace or roof repairs can’t always wait. EFCO’s home improvement loan can help. 

Renovating your home can be a great idea for many other reasons 

You may customise your existing home instead of chasing a new house? A home improvement loan could be your answer! Remodelling often adds value to your existing home

However, if your heart is already set on moving, improve your home to increase its value before selling. A home improvement loan can help prepare your home for a higher price in the real estate market.

Whatever your renovation project is, EFCO can help kick start, quickly and easily.

Product Coverage

  • Upgrade doors and windows
  • Purchase new furniture and appliances
  • Remodel your kitchen or dated bath
  • Install central air conditioning, heating or solar panels
  • Hire a contractor
  • Build an outdoor deck or add a room

Product Features

  • Quick funds to get your project started
  • Loans for multiple needs
  • Extended terms and flexible repayments to suit your business. 
  • Straightforward costs – no hidden fees