Privacy Policies

Privacy Policies


Best service I have received in a long time.

Elah Salon

Very good dealing with this company. Very transparent and honest. No hidden fees or interest these guys charge a fixed rate and add it to your payments so makes it halal. Will go back here for my future needs as well. Highly recommended them.

Hashim Iqbal

The experience I had with EFCO was excellent from the start. They were very quick to reply to my emails and communication was great. The officer that was in charge of my account was a wonderful person and very professional. They updated me along the way and answered any questions I had. They were more than happy to explain me the process and what their product offers compared to other banks. Overall, it was nice to deal with them and I would highly recommend to anyone.

Hazan Jauber

I’ve had an amazing experience with EFCO. They are very professional, thorough and go above and beyond for their customers. they do an amazing job to help customers achieve their finance goals. I would not consider going anywhere else for finance aid highly recommended.

Robina Uddin

Good Service 👍


Good and excellent service