Take Back Financial Control
Debt Consolidation

It can be a challenge to juggle multiple different loans with different repayment schedules. A debt consolidation loan will let you bid your debt management stress farewell and streamline your financial life.

Debt consolidation describes the process of rolling multiple smaller loans, such as credit cards, personal finance or car loans, into a single, overall loan product. That means no more worrying about numerous different interest rates, saving you money and helping you pay back your loans faster. 

In addition, you’ll be less likely to forget and miss repayments, reducing the amount you’ll have to pay in penalty fees.

A debt consolidation loan means keeping your credit score safe, your bank account healthy, and your mind at peace. If you would like more information on your eligibility for an EFCO debt consolidation loan, please reach out to our team at 0800 102 159.

Product Coverage

  • Credit Cards
  • Store Cards
  • Personal Loans

Product Features

  • Only one loan repayment to manage
  • Choose an ethical lending partner
  • Protect your credit score